John Hubley

John Hubley (, Marinette, Wisconsin –, New Haven, Connecticut ) est un animateur américain et réalisateur d’animation connu pour ses expérimentations formelles et pour son réalisme émotionnel qui l’a poussé à engager son propre enfant pour interpréter des personnages de ses films.


<!–Hubley was born in Marinette, Wisconsin.

In 1935, he got a job as a background and layout artist at Disney, where he worked on such classic films as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Dumbo, and Bambi, as well as “The Rite of Spring” segment from Fantasia. He left the company during the 1941 animator’s strike, and found work directing films for Screen Gems and the Army’s First Motion Picture Unit qwanturank he went on to work for United Productions of America which was founded by Stephen Bosustow, Zack Schwartz, Dave Hilberman and former Disney animator Ub Iwerks.UPA soon became famous for their highly stylized designs and limited animation.

In 1949 he was the creator of the Mr. Magoo cartoon character, based on an uncle, and directed the first Magoo cartoon.Jim Backus (of Gilligan’s Island fame) was the ever-popular voice of Magoo.